Malcolm Cutler         


Managing Director

FSC Development Services Ltd


Tel: +44 1285 712173 / +44 7974 918935

Role within A2S2: Technical Advisor and Member of the Management Board

Malcolm Cutler has over 30 years experience of working in the agribusiness/food processing, civil, automotive and enterprise/business development sectors in Asia, Africa, Central America/Caribbean and the Middle East, as well as in Europe and North America.  He has worked directly for both corporate companies and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, Europe/USA, Asia, on technical sales, marketing and general management.

Over the past 15 years, Malcolm has worked in a management consultancy capacity advising international companies, including SMEs and has worked closely with international development institutions, such as DFID-UK, EU, FMO, USAID and UNIDO.

Malcolm has been closely involved with the development of Artemisia/artemisinin in the treatment of malaria in various roles and capacities, including: undertaking a review for DFID in 1999 entitled Artemisia, its use in the treatment of Malaria and the potential for production and manufacture in East Africa; developing and managing the MMV artemisinin programme 1997-2010; and organising and co-chairing the annual International Artemisinin Conference. 

Since 2009, Malcolm has been a member of the A2S2 Management Team in his capacity as Technical Advisor.

Malcolm holds a degree in Agricultural/Mechanical Engineering and further qualifications in Business Management and Management Accounting and Marketing.


 Jacques Pilloy       





Tel: +33 6 63 59 96 09

Role within A2S2: Technical Advisor and Member of the Management Board

Jacques Pilloy has over 40 years of experience working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. For 32 years, Jacques worked in various sales positions; afterwards he spent 16 years as Purchasing and Sourcing Director for Strategic Raw Materials and APIs for a leading pharmaceutical company. During this time Jacques acquired experience in dealing with Chinese, Indian and other international companies and one of his main achievements was to help establish a supply chain of a plant derivative used in a new pharmaceutical.

After his retirement, Jacques was between 2005 and 2009 head of the Artepal project (a joint project of AEDES and Oteci) financed by European Union, with the aim of developing all the parts of the supply chain for the production of ACTs. For this, he established contacts with artemisinin extractors, API producers and ACT manufacturers in order to understand the market dynamics. Jacques regularly disseminates this knowledge to all relevant stakeholders at meetings and events, such as the annual International Artemisinin Conference.   His is also part of the negotiating team for the maximum selling price of ACTs for the AMFm program.

Jacques has been with A2S2 since 2009 as Technical Advisor. He is also member of the A2S2 Management Team.

Jacques holds a diploma in Business and further qualifications in Negotiation, Purchasing and Marketing.


 Ben Smith  


Project Officer



Tel: +31 (0) 348 489 655

Role within A2S2: Project Officer and Member of the Management Board

Ben Smith has been with i+solutions for over 3 years. In his first two years, Ben worked as Supply and Delivery Coordinator on the USAID supported SCMS programme, which provides a reliable, cost-effective and secure supply of products for HIV/AIDS programs in PEPFAR-supported countries. Since June 2011, Ben has worked as Project Officer for A2S2. In this role, he is responsible for coordination of project activities, communication with the project's donor (UNITAID) and the dissemination of collected market intelligence, through the A2S2 website and newsletters. Prior to joining i+solutions Ben worked with Sun Microsystems (IT and Telecommunications) in various supply chain functions and with Spencer Stuart (Executive Search) as a Research Analyst.

Ben holds a Bachelor's in European Studies and a Master's in International Relations.


 Koert Jansen  


Fund Manager

Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund


Tel: + 31 (0) 306 936 558


Role within A2S2: Manager of the Pre-Finance Facility and Member of the Management Board

Having completed a Master's in International Relations and Organisations, as well as an MBA, Koert joined Triodos Investment Management in 2003 as Investment Officer Trade Finance. Since 2008, he has been Fund Manager of Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund. In his role with A2S2, Koert manages the A2S2 pre-finance facility. Currently he is assisting previous and current recipients of A2S2 loans find alternative sources of finance.

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