A2S2 seeks to help support the production of artemisinin to ensure adequate supplies of ACTs (Artemisinin Based Combination Therapies) to meet malaria treatment requirements.


A2S2 was launched in mid-2009 as a mechanism to support the global production of sufficient Artemisia/artemisinin to meet the expanded needs for ACTs, specifically following the introduction of the AMFm and increased Global Fund supplies.

To achieve this A2S2 had two main strategies:

  • To provide finance to artemisinin extractors selected by eligible ACT suppliers through a revolving pre-fianance facility
  • To collect and share market intelligence on the actual artemisinin supply situation, enhancing transparency and market-responsiveness

In March 2012 the UNITAID Executive Board decided to close down the A2S2 Pre-Finance Facility. A2S2 is therefore no longer able to provide eligible artemisinin extractors new loans. Between July 2009 and June 2013, A2S2's Market Intelligence program was financially supported by UNITAIDAlthough the project's external financing has now finished, A2S2 website will remain online and will continue to share monthly updates on artemisinin imports into India and its regularly updated Map of Stakeholders.

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