A2S2 is a partnership made up of four organisations:

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i+solutions is an independent, international, not-for-profit organization specialising in pharmaceutical supply chain management for low and middle income countries. i+solutions offers high quality integrated supply chain and consultancy services focusing on the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis through: innovation,  information technology, creativity and effective execution. i+solutions' key areas of expertise include: procurement and supply services; training and consultancy services; and the development of innovative projects.


Artepal is a project led by AEDES Foundation which promotes the use of Artemisinin based Combination Therapies (ACTs), with the technical support from OTECI. The main aim of the Artepal project is to help increase production of Artemisia, to give advice on extraction of artemisinin and its derivatives, and to inform all stakeholders about artemisinin supply and demand. In addition it helps API/ACT manufacturers reach Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) levels in order to meet WHO prequalification.  Artepal's major component is the transfer of technology in order to reinforce local production capacity mostly in Africa and Asia.

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FSC Development Services Ltd has over thirty years experience working in Africa and Asia providing management, finance, market and technical assistance to public and private sector enterprises, particularly in the rural, food and industry sectors. FSC has been involved in the Artemisia/artemisinin sector for the past twelve years, visiting the Artemisia/artemisinin producing regions advising on new production and processing technologies. As well, FSC is manager of the MMV Medicines for Malaria Venture Artemisinin project.

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Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund is one of the special purpose funds of Triodos Bank, Netherlands, the leading sustainable bank in Europe which has been active in the organic and fair trade sector for many years (largely in developing countries), providing effective financial solutions for producers, export organisations, wholesalers and retail companies.

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