WHO/ MMV/ RBM Artemisinin Conference, Madagascar, 10 - 12 Oct. 2010 

Following the WHO/ MMV Artemisinin Conference in Bankok in 2007, in Guilin in 2008 and in Mumbai in 2009, the 2010 Artemisinin Conference was held in Antananarivo, Madagascar, 12 – 14 October. The conference  was jointly organised by WHO, RBM, MMV, and was supported by DFID, UK. The main objectives of the conference were to:

  • Present ACT demand forecasts for 2011-2012 and latest ACT demand forecasting mechanisms, including impact of vector control and latest malaria diagnostics
  • Identify actual 2010 artemisinin production, future demand, prices and production costs
  • Review A2S2 and future support needs to ensure consistent artemisinin production2010 Conference Attendees
  • Update on latest developments in high yielding, Artemisia variety development
  • Present new technology to improve artemisinin processing efficiencies and APIs
  • Discuss latest developments in analytical techniques for Artemisia and artemisinin
  • Identify progress on ensuring artemisinin as a starting material and discuss artemisinin quality needs
  • Present latest developments in semi-synthetic artemisinin and fully synthetic treatments
  • Present and discuss reports regarding artemisinin resistance

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