RBM/UNITAID/WHO Artemisinin Conference 2011

“Aligning Artemisinin and ACT Supplies”

The 2011 Artemisinin Conference was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2nd- 3rd November. It was attended by around 150 people representing the major artemisinin extractors from China, Vietnam, Africa and Madagascar; API/ACT manufacturers; donors; procurement agencies and research organisations.

At a time when there was a need to continue to increase artemisinin supplies and for more accurate and longer term ACT forecasting, the conference provided a timely forum where these issues were discussed and debated. Numerous presentations were given on various topics including: production updates from the various growing regions; ACT demand forcasting and procurement updates; extraction methods and developments; improving Artemisia yields; and latest information on the introduction of semi-synthetic artemisinin.2011 Artemisinin Conference

A2S2 also presented the latest information on artemisinin production, costings and prices, together with an overview of the A2S2 program, its achievements and proposed next steps.

The conference agenda, with links to the presentation can be found here.

The final conference report can be found here.