A2S2 Newsletter #3, October 2012

A2S2 is a project financed by UNITAID to help support the production of artemisinin to ensure adequate supplies of ACTs (Artemisinin Based Combination Therapies) to meet forecasted malaria treatment requirements.

The A2S2 newsletter provides stakeholders within the artemisinin/ACT supply chain with information on the artemisinin supply/demand situation, pricing information, technical developments and other useful topics related to the supply of artemisinin.


 Artemisia to ACT


2011 Conference Attendees

 Update on A2S2

A2S2 recently received approval from UNITAID to continue its market intelligence activities until the end of May 2013 but, at the UNITAID Executive Board Meeting in March 2012, A2S2 was instructed to close down the A2S2 Pre-Finance Facility. Therefore, A2S2 is now no longer able to make new loans to eligible artemisinin producers using UNITAID funds.

Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund is currently working with existing recipients of A2S2 finance find new, alternative sources of financial support.


Artemisinin Market Update

A2S2 has compiled an update on the latest artemisinin market developments which includes our latest production forecast for 2012 and also information on prevailing artemisinin prices.

The update also includes the latest Information on the introduction of semi-synthetic artemisinin and the latest developments on high-yielding Artemisia annua seeds.

To access the update, please click here.


Artemisinin Conference

It been decided to postpone the 2012 Artemisinin Conference until there is greater clarification concerning the future funds available for ACTs from the Global Fund / AMFm.

The Conference is now planned for early January 2013, by which point more meaningful discussions can be held with more effective outcomes.

The organisers are currently in the process of confirming the venue and dates and will be in touch again as soon as possible.