A2S2 Newsletter #4, August 2013

A2S2 is a project financed by UNITAID to help support the production of artemisinin to ensure adequate supplies of ACTs (Artemisinin Based Combination Therapies) to meet forecasted malaria treatments.

As announced in January at the Artemisinin Conference in Nairobi (Final Report now available), the end date of A2S2's market intelligence programme was 31 May 2013. A2S2 is therefore hereby releasing our final newsletter and also providing our last assessment of the artemisinin market, based upon the intelligence we have gathered during 2013 - see below Market Update (full update can be accessed here). 

Please consider taking a 2-minute survey to help us improve future market intelligence projects. We value your feedback, which will help us and our funders learn how we can better serve markets like this one. Access the survey here

Through A2S2's Artemisinin Pre-Finance Facility and market intelligence programme, the project has contributed to the prevention of artemisinin shortages over the last four years and also helped support those committed artemisinin producers requiring assistance in scaling-up production. This is something A2S2 is proud of. We are however very conscious that our efforts have only been made possible through the support and openness of all stakeholders in the supply chain (extractors, API and ACT producers, donors and organisations). We therefore would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the project, especially UNITAID and the members of our Advisory Group.

Thanks once again,
A2S2 Project Management Team


Goodbye... for now

Although the project has ended, there are still aspects of A2S2's work that will continue; for instance, the A2S2 website will, for the time being, remain online and will continue to be updated. We will be sure to update you once the medium / long term future of the website is determined.

We are hopeful that the collection and dissemination of Market Intelligence will continue, post A2S2, under a new programme. This has however to be finalised. In the meantime, if you have questions and/or comments, please contact Malcolm Cutler and/or Jacques Pilloy


Market Update

As mentioned above, the A2S2 project team would like to share a final update on the artemisinin market before signing-off. We believe this is important as it is still not totally clear which vehicle will be sharing artemisinin market intelligence in the future and how this will look.

Further, market uncertainty continues to prevail, especially following the Global Fund's decision on AMFm in November 2012 and also with the emergence of semi-synthetic artemisinin in commercial quantities. For this reason, we believe it is important to share our final assessment of the market. The update can be accessed via the A2S2 website.